We are initiating a dialogue between science and industry, which we aim at an effective communication of the needs and capabilities of both sides.

Two scientific centres of the Polish Academy of Sciences - Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and the Institute of Physical Chemistry, have established a platform of interdisciplinary offers. Both institutes conduct research in complementary areas of biology and chemistry and aim at providing offers that meet the needs of the market. We want to provide answers to questions from our business partners and help to create innovative products and support R&D activities in companies. If you have any defined needs in the field of biology or chemistry, we invite you to browse our standard services, which utilize the scientific expertise and equipment of both institutes. If your problem requires an unconventional approach - please contact us.

Dorota Gierej-Czerkies, PhD
Tel. +48 22 58 92 263
Email d.gierej-czerkies@nencki.edu.pl

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At Nencki Institute we work in partnership with private and public industrial market to bring novel products to the pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnological market. We appreciate the existing collaborations and we are open to new cooperation.

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